Below are several projects I currently have my hands in. Some gigs have spawned from thinking "outside the box" during the pandemic. Others I've been involved with for some time, and then there's ones just beginning. Take a gander and contact me to find out more about any of My various projects!

WEIRD GIG PODCAST Episode #11 The Rifleman

On today’s show, I sit down with Bill Overton. Bill is a woodwind player as well as guitarist and vocalist. In addition to playing jazz and big band gigs in both New York and Chicago over the years, Bill was…

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Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only Orchestra is one of Chicago’s most versatile wedding bands, providing superb musicians for your wedding reception or other special event. Available in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs, the Standing Room Only Orchestra will keep your guests dancing and having fun for hours! Our talented and inspired musicians love to perform a wide variety of music including: Swing, 50’s and 60’s, Motown, Disco, 80’s, Top 40 hits; anything and everything you can dance to!

Choose amongst our ten-piece orchestra, nine-piece performance orchestra, seven or six-piece band for non-stop dancing! For your cocktail or dinner hours... try our solo piano or solo guitar. If you prefer a larger ensemble for your cocktail and dinner hours... try out our jazz trio, quartet or even our string quartet. Whatever your needs, Standing Room Only Orchestra will accommodate you! 

Sugarcreek Road

Sugarcreek Road brings a unique mixture of styles together, including folk, pop, country, Americana, and gospel, to create a sound that is as raw and compelling as America itself. Powerhouse vocals ring as Sugarcreek Road performs energetic originals, traditional gospel, and obscure covers.

The group is comprised of noted Chicago musicians: David Sarkis, Kara Kesselring, Ryan Hinshaw, Mark Lavengood, and Patrick Williams. Their common love for this genre of music brought them together, with a focus on performing originals, standard gospel tunes, and obscure covers. The close four part vocal harmonies, and diverse blend of instrumentation, make them unique.

String of Sound

String Of Sound is an eclectic trio of Chicago based female musicians.  With backgrounds in Classical, Pop, and Jazz music, String Of Sound is the perfect ensemble for your next wedding ceremony, holiday party, or private event. These three lovely, charming and talented ladies take the stage with energy and verve.  Kara, Naomi, and Veronica bring music to your event in a new, beautiful way. Whether you prefer Bach and Handel or Coldplay and James Taylor, String Of Sound can provide all music for all needs. Please contact Kara Kesselring for rates and availability.

Gold Dust Dreams

Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band

Gold Dust Dreams is a tribute to Fleetwood Mac based out of Chicago IL, performing all of your favorite Mac and Stevie Nicks solo material.

Nicks Chicks Band

Acoustic Tribute to Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac & Friends

Nicks Chicks was created in the midst of the 2020 lock downs where live music has been silenced in venues across the country and more personally, in the Chicagoland area.

Music is healing for the mind, spirit and soul. It is a gift that reaches all ages--all generations, and should never be silenced or put on hold. Music is so powerful, it can not only heal a broken heart, but save a life. A simple melody can immediately transport you back in time to a treasured memory and give you new purpose. It can make you want to jump up and dance, drift into a dream, fall in love, cry--you name it. As musicians, it brings us great joy to perform live for people, and that joy is passed on to every listener where we all celebrate together. The imagery, mystique and nostalgia of this timeless music allows for us all to escape this crazy new world we live in, and embrace what we know and love.

Music is life, and we're here to live it.

Driveway Concerts

The pandemic has given us a chance to think about music in a different way.  We are fortunate to have family and friends that joined us this past year in our outdoor concert fun. We are available to bring a house concert or backyard music event to you! Contact us for availability.

The Family Band

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